Voter Registration Card Description

Please remember to take your Voter's Registration Certificate with you to the polling place when you vote. Several forms of identification (in place of your voter registration card) are acceptable, but election clerks can use the bar code on the registration certificate to electronically verify your voter registration status in just seconds.  This makes the voting lines move much faster for everyone!!!  Please DO NOT cut the bar code off of the certificate!! Click here to find the forms of identification, other than your voter registration certificate, that you may use to vote. Click here to go to the County Elections Department website to view your Registration Card online.

Look for the box on your card titled "Prec. No." to find your Election Precinct Number

Note: The current (2012-2013) certificate is yellow.


Here is a description of some of the fields on the voter registration certificate:

  1. 10-digit statewide Voter Unique Identification Number issued by the Secretary of State’s office. This number remains the same as long as you are a registered voter in the State of Texas regardless of the county in which you reside or if you move from one county in Texas to another.
  2. Prec. No. – Your precinct is based upon your residence address.
  3. Valid from January 1, 2012 thru December 31, 2013. Upon expiration, new certificates are automatically mailed to voters with active registrations.
  4. Name and Permanent Residence Address – Your name and address of residence as provided when you registered to vote. Your election precinct (polling place) is based upon this address.
  5. X signature line. The "fine print" below the signature line says, "VOTER MUST PERSONALLY SIGN HIS/HER NAME IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT, IF ABLE."
  6. Voted in the ________ Party Primary. When voting in a primary election, you must state in which political party's primary you will vote. Your selection will then be stamped in this space on your registration card. This also helps ensure you will receive a ballot from the same party should a runoff election be required. If you did not vote in the initial primary but would like to vote in a subsequent runoff, you will be able to make your party selection at that time. You must vote in a party's primary election to qualify to attend that party's precinct, county and state conventions. You may present your stamped registration certificate when you check in for the precinct convention as proof that you did vote in the primary election.
  7. Various Election Districts
    • CONGRESS - U.S. House of Representative District Number
    • STATE SEN. - Texas Legislature - State Senate District Number
    • STATE REP. - Texas Legislature - State House of Representatives District Number
    • COM - Collin County Commissioners Court Precinct
    • JP - Justice of the Peace District
    • CITY - City
    • CITY DIST. - City District Subdivision
    • ISD - Independent School District
    • ISD DIST. - Independent School District Subdivision
    • SBOE - State Board of Education
  8. Cert No. - This is your Collin County Voter Unique Identification Number.
  9. BARCODE – This is an internal tracking number which should be electronically scanned by poll workers at a polling location to check-in voters. Please DO NOT cut the bar code off of the certificate!!
  10. Mailing Address – Just below the Bar Code is your Mailing Address provided by you indicating where you wish to receive your mail. This address is not used in determining your precincts or in which races you will be eligible to vote.


  • If you were previously registered in Collin County at your current address and did not receive your yellow 2012-2013 Voter's Registration Certificate during April or May 2012, call the Collin Co. Elections Department at 972.547.1990 to check on your voting status.
  • If have moved or you have not voted in an election in Collin County during the past four years, your voter registration record may have been suspended or even canceled. Check your registration status here.
  • If your voter registration record has been suspended or canceled, or you have never registered to vote in Collin County you must take action to be properly registered to vote in Collin County.
Voter registration blue certificate
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